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Welcome Thinkers & Tinkers!

Welcome to MindBuckets! MindBuckets is an educational advocacy group dedicated to promoting the joy of learning and improving student experiences while strengthening family, school and community partnerships. Neither parents nor schools can do it alone. Our children need multiple opportunities to learn and grow at home, in school, and in the community. MindBuckets' Learning Lab* & Lounge is here to help! 


TIME with us makes school FUN & EASIER for EVERYONE!


*MindBuckets Learning Lab programs are Challeged-Based & Complementary Learning programs

Complementary Learning is a systemic approach which intentionally integrates both school and non-school supports.

Challenge based learning builds on the practice of problem-based learning, in which students work on real world problems in collaborative teams, but with a key difference at the center of challenge based learning is the use of technology and the call to action that inherently requires students to make something happen.

Bucket Club Login: BUCKETEERS! 
Join the Bucket Club. Enjoy Today! Give us a call and schedule a free school solutions planning session with one of our Learning Solution Architects. Check back soon for the launch of our full site! In the meantime, learn a little bit about our team & our philosophy - MindBuckets! 

Parents & Caregivers

FIRE!!! FIRE!!! It's time to put out those constant family fires. It's time for less fighting and more laughing. We have just what you need to make your life easier, less crazy and more fun!

  • Stop those tears and fights at homework time
  • Reduce problem behaviors at school and home
  • Build more effective social and academic skills
  • Get effective ADHD coaching & specialized support
  • Make those IEPs less complicated & more effective 

Let the MindBuckets Team be your bucket brigade. Time to extinguish those fires and ENJOY FAMILY time. LAUGH, PLAY and RELAX together...


It's time! It's your time! Time to uncover the REAL you! The COOL you!
The SMART you! No more hiding! LIVE HAPPY! ENJOY TODAY!

Have you ever thought:

  • Why doesn't she want to be my friend anymore?
  • Why am I always forgetting things or losing things?
  • Why do people pick on me?
  • Why does it seem like it takes me longer to do my work?
  • What? I was on the computer for seven hours, really?
  • Why won't my mom stop bugging me about everything?

If your answer is "yes" or if you just want school to be more FUN, come check us out! MindBuckets is here to help. Come, build your Bucket Club! We are your personal professional "make-it-easier" makeover team.

It's YOUR life - make it count. We are here to help! Come to our next workshop. Bring a friend! Bring two! Bring you!

JOIN the Bucketeers!

Our Bucketeers include a diverse group of educators and other members of your community.

      ~ Parents                            ~ Students  

      ~ Superintendent                  ~ Teachers

      ~ Technology Experts            ~ Business Leaders

      ~ School Psychologists           ~ Speech Pathologists


  • A ONE-OF-A-KIND school-home-community collaborative Cyberlearning Apprenticeship Program (SUPER COOL- Make MOVIES, HOT RODS, COOK & MORE)
  • A hip Recreation-Education, Collaboration + Technology (REC+T) Center
  • Customized interventions for student remediation or enrichment
  • In-home learning enviroment consultations & ADHD coaching
  • "Make-It-Easier" wondershops (Large & small group, off-site mobile workshop series)
  • An online MindBuckets interactive website
  • Special Education and Family Advocate Services
  • Confidential teacher support - IEPs, lesson plans, school politics, RTI, FBAs, access to our resource library (software, manipulatives & more - we've been there!)
  • Member question & answers sessions with community experts to help caregivers' find solutions to family stresses and move to healthier tomorrows 
  • and much more!

What are MindBuckets? 

Have you ever felt like your mind was so JAM-PACKED you had no room left in your head for one more thing? Not true. Your MindBuckets can take it. We are here to HELP show you how. 

MindBuckets are the building blocks of our unique mood & memory management system. They carry and store all of our thoughts, ideas, feelings and memories.

MindBuckets are little and big, endless and overflowing, organized and unorganized, amazing buckets that store all those special personal things that we think and feel that make us who we ARE on the INSIDE. The unique FANTASTIC US! MindBuckets are so special, so valuable, they must be cherished, nurtured, explored, strengthened, polished and above all else celebrated!!

Upcoming Wondershops

  Building Positive Home-School Partnerships 

Family involvement is the most powerful factor in student success! It's importance does NOT end after elementary school.  Adolescent learners don't want to be embarrassed-NOT left alone!

This event introduces MindBuckets' 7 Partnership Principles & Practice (7P3) Program through engaging activities and discussion geared to the participant's own communication and learning style preferences.  The 7P3 program provides a solution-driven approach that creates sustainable and effective partnerships between all members of the school community, students and their families.  Participants will gain the knowledge and resources needed to build easy stress-free partnerships. Each event is specifically designed for the unique needs of our attendees and includes a 7P3 Team Playbook.

Parents Need to Know Series: Digital Literacy & Personal Learning Environments

  REALITY CHECK! Is your child ready for OUR digital world?
Being able to read is not enough - Digital Literacy is the key for future success. Students surf the Internet, play video games and participate in online social media networking BUT are they truly ready for their digital world? Many parents are surprised to learn their "tech savvy" students are NOT "digitally literate."  Is your child digitally literate?

In this interactive workshop you will: 

1.) Learn the difference between "tech savvy" and "digitally literate"  

2.) Explore your own & your child's digital literacy skills 

3.) Team with a teacher and build your child's Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) to foster his/her digital literacy.

 2.5 hours (includes a 45 minute collaborative lunch)

Master Your Mindbuckets & Simplify Your World
(student/parent partnership event)

Making Learning Funtastic - Leave the Drama for the Stage

(teacher/parent partnership event)

The Family Shuffle - How Child Custody Plans Effect Adolescent Learning

45 minutes

  = workshop includes lunch      Call for dates, locations & more funtastic details

Have a question?  Please contact Christine Ferreira MEd

phone: 623-337-6218   email: Christine@MindBuckets.com